[unisog] Still need a "security" address?

Scott Fendley scottf at uark.edu
Thu Feb 22 01:50:46 GMT 2007

That is a good question Cal.  If one were to look at the RFC based 
standards and actually adhere to them, then I would have to believe 
that the public safety side of the house should use a different email 
address other than abuse@ or security@ .  Per 
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2142.html ,  abuse@ should be used as a 
customer service address, and security@ is the network security address.

Our local public safety department is a fully accredited police 
force.  So, we have an appropriate email address for UAPD on our 
campus.  However, going to their website they actively list all of 
their individual email addresses.  They also have a nice web form for 
anonymous tips.

So at least in my environment, if there is a public safety concern 
that comes in on either abuse or security, we re-direct it to the 
appropriate place.  Otherwise, we listen to the standard and monitor 
both addresses in the IT Security group.


At 03:53 PM 2/21/2007, Cal Frye wrote:
>Russell Fulton wrote:
> > For educational institutions around the world (Asia excepted) abuse or
> > security @ domain works well.
>Now that you mention it...
>In our admittedly limited experience, we get network abuse reports
>addressed to our "abuse" alias, and nothing but misaddressed messages to
>"security" -- these latter are all intended for our Office of Safety and
>Security, aka the Campus police office. S & S is, in turn, sort of
>annoyed they don't have a memorable email alias for folks to use to
>contact them. Around campus, they are universally known as "Security"
>Is it out of line to consider assigning the email alias "security AT
>Oberlin DOT edu" to the folks in blue while expecting /network/ security
>issues to be addressed to "abuse?"
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