[unisog] Still need a "security" address?

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Feb 22 05:25:07 GMT 2007

Ken Connelly wrote:
> Russell Fulton wrote:
>> Our experience is similar.  We now gateway security at auckland to
>> unisafe at auckland.  This solves most of the problems.  We do get the odd
>> grumble from the unisafe staff when IT security stuff comes through ;)
>> We have been promoting security at auckland as the contact point for IT
>> security services for around 10 years and it is used internally with
>> reasonable frequency but almost never from outside. 
>> Comes to that the only people who ever send anything to abuse at auckland
>> are spam cop and aol bitching about spam bounces.
> Both abuse@ and security@ end up in my mailbox (and a couple others) 
> here.  The Kampus Kops have never expressed an interest in a generic 
> e-mail address.
We forced them into it because of the stream of stuff that was received 
by the security alias.  Mostly stuff like "we are having a weekend
workshop on Saturday can you please make sure that room 508 of building
509 is open from 9 'til 5".  At the beginning of last year I gently
persuaded Unisafe that they really should at least get into the '90s ;) 
Once there they have found that it is much more useful to get these sort
of requests by email rather than by phone.


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