[unisog] Cleaning up those networks

John Kristoff jtk at depaul.edu
Thu Feb 22 17:20:10 GMT 2007

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 12:00:37 -0500
Cal Frye <cjf at calfrye.com> wrote:

> If your whois lookup is done via EDUCAUSE, the current .edu registrar,

And to be pedantic, the registry.

> you will find pertinent contact information for Oberlin College. If you
> instead query ARIN, you will get data so outdated as to be worthless.

Presumably you know this, but to be sure those reading do also, these
are two different whois databases for two different sets of information.
There is the EDUCAUSE whois database for the "names" and the ARIN whois
database for the "numbers" (or IP address assignments in this case).

> Further, ARIN is having troubles letting us correct this data, because
> the authorized contact individual is no longer with us, and it's a
> sufficiently obnoxious process to correct I've dropped it twice as other
> projects loomed :-(

Hmm... I've not found ARIN to be that troublesome to work with.  As
I recall if you can simply fill in the appropriate template appropiately
and explain the change they should be able to accomodate.  If you are
having problems, a simple email to them should result in a proper
guidance in how to go about making the change.

BTW, if possible consider using "role" accounts for email contact
addresses, that way if an individual contact leaves you don't have to
go deal with the whois database operator for an update.


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