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Joshua Beeman jbeeman at isc.upenn.edu
Mon Feb 26 18:21:59 GMT 2007


We have a campus wide Kerberos authentication system called 
"PennKey".  We have specific affiliation types for non-persistent 
guests (NPG) that were created to accommodate these type of 
users.  NPG's require a more limited set of data to generate, 
although still must be created by a PennKey Administrator 
(designated, trained individuals in each school and center).

Unlike the more persistent versions of the same, the expiration of 
these accounts will result in the relevant entry being purged from 
the Kerberos Key Distribution Center. They can also be created in 
bulk by the PennKey Admins to accommodate conferences or other large groups.


At 12:44 PM 2/26/2007, Kevin Lanning wrote:

>Wondering what academic institutions are doing these days regarding 
>wireless access for guests?
>Kevin Lanning
>lanning (at) unc.edu
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