[unisog] wireless guest access

Greg T. Grimes gtg4 at msstate.edu
Mon Feb 26 20:09:30 GMT 2007

MSU uses a captive portal with a word of the day.  This is generated 
daily.  We also have a way to generate other words that last longer than a 
day if need be.  For example, if a convention is held, we can give the 
convention organizers a word that will last the entire length of the 
convention.  We also can program in Game Days to allow complete open 
access for guests.  To gain access to the WOTD, you need to have a 
faculty/staff member get it for you, or go to the Campus Bookstore.  
They display it at the cash register for the coffee shop there.  One of 
our guys modified nocat for our requirements.  It works pretty good for 
us.  We have about 40 - 50 people using it daily.  

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Kevin Lanning wrote:

> Wondering what academic institutions are doing these days regarding wireless
> access for guests?
> Kevin Lanning
> lanning (at) unc.edu

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