[unisog] Changes to the administration of the Unisog list.

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Jan 6 19:54:28 GMT 2007

Hi Folks,

Over the last couple of years the amount of spam hitting the list has
gone up enormously (I'm sure this surprises no one). Except for the odd
bungle by one of  the moderators you, the list users, never see it.
While we don't actually keep any statistics we estimate that we are now
seeing of the order of 100 spam messages for every list posting.  The
job of shifting though all the crap for the few real posts has reached
the point where the moderators feel that it is not time well spent.
There is also an increased risk that we will miss real posts in the
morass, particularly if these are posted from addresses that are not on
the list.

Up until now we have kept the list open to posts from non list addresses
as there are perfectly legitimate reasons for such posts but we are now
of the opinion that this is luxury that we can no longer afford.  Again,
we don't have any formal records but it is our impression that only a
handful of regular posters are affected.  Mailman can white list
addresses easily so we are suggesting that we close the list to posts
from addresses which are not subscribed.  Those of you who feel that you
will be disadvantaged by this move can drop a note to
<unisog-owner at lists.dshield.org> and we will add you to the white list.
This is a manual operations and so please use this only if you *really*
need it and are a reasonably frequent poster.  If none of the moderators
recognise your email address you are unlikely to get whitelisted ;)

We propose to make this change on the 1st of February. This should give
you plenty of time to make any arrangements you need.

Your moderation team,

Peter, John, Russell and Phil.

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