[unisog] Changes to the administration of the Unisog list.

Scott Dier sdier at oitsec.umn.edu
Mon Jan 8 16:14:40 GMT 2007

Gene Rackow wrote:

> Greylisting on the mail server did wonders.  It's starting to
> show some signs that spammers are learning how to get around that,
> but it's still blocking over 80% of the junk that is attempting to
> get in.

I also recommend greylisting, it reduced my overall mail load a bit with 
very few (clustered mailservers that attempt from multiple IP addresses 
being the worst) issues.  I also use DSPAM and have seen DSPAM 
successfully used alongside a ticketing system to heavily reduce spam. 
(dspam is a statistical mail filter, crm114 and spambayes are also 
similar systems -- dspam just happens to be easier to implement in some 

Scott Dier <sdier at oitsec.umn.edu>

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