[unisog] Changes to the administration of the Unisog list.

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jan 8 21:13:02 GMT 2007

Russell Fulton wrote:
>   Those of you who feel that you
> will be disadvantaged by this move can drop a note to
> <unisog-owner at lists.dshield.org> and we will add you to the white list.
> This is a manual operations and so please use this only if you *really*
> need it and are a reasonably frequent poster.  If none of the moderators
> recognise your email address you are unlikely to get whitelisted ;)
Well, so far we have had one request for white listing and no negative
responses at all (probably means we should have done this ages ago :). 
I have a very useful personal reply from David Linn who pointed out that
another way of handling the issue of multiple posting addresses is for
the *user* to subscribe all the addresses that they need to post from to
the list and set all but one as 'no delivery'.   The mail delivery
option is the first one in the options list on the subscription page. 
This is clearly a much better way of handling the problem. 

Cheers, Russell

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