[unisog] Changes to the administration of the Unisog list.

Gene Rackow rackow at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jan 8 21:53:17 GMT 2007

Hmmm, both of these are useful ideas.  In some cases, this kind of web
archiving would be useful to have.  If someone attempts to post 
something to the list, they could go to the page, give their email,
and see if it got trapped by the filters and why. As a list admin,
this is now one big set of spewage that I don't need to deal with.
Leave it up for a week or two and have it auto-clean the older stuff.

On the flip side, this would be something that the spammers could learn
from as well.  I'm not sure that I want to give the spammers another
tool they could use.  Would the spammers really take the time/effort
to go though this process, or just stick with the easier targets?

You'd need to make sure that these web pages are not indexed as a whole
or available to google, etc.  You really don't want to be 

I'd also make them be a one-shot web page.  Something that once someone
has looked at it, the page goes off-line so it's no longer visable to
the public.  Helps keep the porn publishers from finding a way of making
their posts available from your mail/list server.


Scott Dier made the following keystrokes:
 >It also should be protected in some way, though -- as spammers could use 
 >this as a publishing mechanism instead.
 >Kutz, Schley Andrew wrote:
 >> Another possibility is to forward all spam-tagged mail to mailbox that
 >> is archived to the web so that members of this list can search if they
 >> think a message they sent was mistakenly tagged as spam.
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