[unisog] rbl-plus price increase

Stephen J Smoogen smooge at unm.edu
Mon Jan 15 23:08:18 GMT 2007

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, Eric Cartman wrote:

> We recently received a price increase for use of the rbl-plus.mail-abuse.org
> zone which was around thirty times what we last payed. I am assuming that
> other users of that zone have seen similar adjustments. Has anyone else chosen
> to discontinue subscription to this service? Anybody using dnsbl.sorbs.net?

Sorbs has also changed its pricing. You should only use the 
dnsbl.sorbs.net for small servers. Large amount of queries will get you 
a nice email asking you to stop and pay or get blocked.

Part of this is that all of these services cost money to pay for people 
to check for bad duds, the cost of the net is going up as advertising 
revenues realign, and lawsuits cause lawyer costs to go up.

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