[unisog] Quota system based on netflows

Jonathan Glass jonathan.glass at oit.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 30 15:16:28 GMT 2007

Joe Bazeley wrote:
> We're looking to implement a bandwidth-limiting system for our
> residential users, something on the order of "if you use more than X
> gigs in a 24 hour period we'll put a bandwidth cap on your connection
> until the time period resets".  I've heard other schools do this by
> monitoring netflow data and putting some scripts together around that
> data.  If there are any schools who have implemented something like this
> in a Cisco environment and would be willing to answer some questions
> about their setup, please send me an email and I'll follow up with
> specific questions.
> Thanks,
> Joe Bazeley
> Loyola University Chicago
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Just to present a counter-point, I'll share our setup.

We simply apply a policy limit of 1Mbps incoming *from* each network
port to non-campus destinations.  It just throws away packets if one
tries to put more than than that on the wire.  In other words, they can
absorb as much as they want from the internet, but they can't serve more
than 1Mbps.

policy-map limit-traffic
  class campus-traffic
    police 1000000000 2000000 exceed-action drop
  class internet-traffic
    police 992000 32000 exceed-action drop

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