[unisog] AUPs re FTP and Telnet

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Fri Jul 6 10:09:46 GMT 2007

Kevin Lanning wrote:
> Would appreciate references to Appropriate Use Policies regarding 
> restriction of FTP and Telnet.

Our AUP references standards that include the following

"Selecting and using client software that provides encrypted
  communications whenever it is an available and practical choice."

"Administrators and implementers of campus servers that pass
  authentication information between themselves and their off-campus
  clients are to use software that encrypts the authentication
  transaction whenever it is available and practical. Systems that
  make use of the universal JMU Electronic ID (E-ID) and password
  are absolutely required to encrypt this information in transit."

"Since proper operation varies with changes in technology and platforms,
  specific requirements are not included in this policy. Instead, these
  requirements are listed in the JMU Computing Standards."

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer
James Madison University

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