[unisog] IPSCA free SSL certificates

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jul 16 20:07:25 GMT 2007

Russell Fulton wrote:
> IPSCA (www.ipsca.com) offers free SSL certs to universities.   The
> system works fine if you have a .edu domain but, inspite of repeated
> assurances that we are elligible, I have not been able to get a free
> certificate.
Followup on this.  I have had quite a bit of correspondence with the
good folk at IPSCA and they were mystified as to why I had had trouble.
So yesterday I tried again and I have just had email to say that they
have just issued two two year SSL certs for me.

I suspect that there was a bug in their web application that was quietly
fixed in the last few months and I somehow managed to trip over it.
What ever the cause of the my original woes the system seems to work
fine now.

I recently looked at our Thawte account and we have issued  hundreds of
certs and renewals at at least $120 (for a renewal) over the years.
That's a lot of money....


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