[unisog] Identifying if node is a router or PC

Huba Leidenfrost huba at uidaho.edu
Tue Jul 17 05:47:00 GMT 2007


Assuming you have sniffing access and know which routers are yours on your
networks, why not choose a vantage point and watch TTL values being
decremented and IP ID range shifts?  Only passage through a router should
decrement the TTL value.  IP IDs usually are in a running range from each
other; the same PC from behind a NAT box should have a consistently
incrementing set of IP IDs.  Combine those with User-Agent: string watching
from HTTP packets and you have a pretty decent combination of techniques to
spot your routers vs. PCs.  You could also throw into the mix mining of
netflow data to see which PCs are auto-updating (detect which are visiting
their vendors update site/s).

Anyway, just some thoughts.  If you want some perl code to do the IP ID and
TTL mining, shoot me some email and I can share.  I got some of the code
from an individual at Baylor.edu.  I have not added the "User-Agent" or
netflow mining yet but it's on the huge to-do list of ideas for a rainy day.
Maybe you'd like to add that part. ;-)  I was just interested in seeing how
accurate the TTL + IP ID bit was without too much effort. It's pretty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that,

Huba Leidenfrost
huba at uidaho.edu

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