[unisog] Barracuda effectiveness (vs Puremessage)

Steve VanDevender stevev at uoregon.edu
Tue Jul 17 17:18:36 GMT 2007

Frank Bulk writes:
 > najbl.org is not a very well-respected RBL (just look at the de-listing
 > policy!), I would recommend that you re-evaluate using it.  We've had
 > nothing but trouble with that RBL.

I'm curious what problems you've had with it since we've been using the
combined.njabl.org zone for years and have had no reported problems with
it (and our abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses are exempt from DNSBL
blocking so if there are any problems people can report them to us).

I don't see anything wrong with their removal policies.  They do insist
on open relays and open proxies being fixed and passing their own
relay/proxy tests, which might be a little vexing if you're just hoping
to get something unblocked without fixing it.

njabl.org is actually quite well-respected; its open proxy list is a
data source for the Spamhaus XBL list along with cbl.abuseat.org.

We currently use zen.spamhaus.org and combined.njabl.org in that order
for our DNSBL-based spam blocking.  To some extent njabl.org is
redundant since so much of their data is shared with spamhaus.org, but I
like having a backup.

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