[unisog] Barracuda effectiveness (vs Puremessage)

shawnl at up.net shawnl at up.net
Tue Jul 17 19:58:45 GMT 2007

I will definately second that.  We've had multiple upon multiple
issues.  The latest was the next day replacement guarentee that took a
week to start the process of shipping us a replacement (even with
several phone calls / day).  I would almost say that it is an example
of a small company that has grown too fast.

Network Operations Staff
Baraga Telephone / up.net

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 03:40:06PM -0400, paul wehner wrote:
> Here at Notre Dame our Barracuda 800 frequently hangs. -as least once a 
> week.
> We call support and they restart the smpt service. We've experienced 
> this problem over and over and have been told the issue is resolved in 
> the new firmware upgrade. We've been told that over the last two 
> firmware cycles. After the last upgrade ldap broke for some people and 
> email was sent to invalid aliases. We have over 10 internal cases 
> waiting for vendor response. We don't expect to get a response (other 
> than upgrade to another firmware release). In the short time I've been 
> involved w/ the device it's not been pleasant. The barracuda people have 
> been responsive but I get the sense there is a disconnect between 
> support and engineering and a problematic internal code review process 
> (i.e. old bugs reappearing in new firmware).
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