[unisog] Windows Live @ edu

Walsh, Alan J alwalsh at indiana.edu
Tue Jul 17 21:49:45 GMT 2007

> Thanks for offering to answer questions.
> 1. Is the service free with advertisements?  How much screen
> 	space does the ads take?

Always free. No ads for students - only alums, staff/faculty, parents,
etc. The ads are banners across the very top of the screen, about 1.5"
on my machine.

> 2. What is the quota and how is it enforced?

2GB. Not sure if they do enforce it or what happens when they do.

> 3. Is there any backup/restore option if a message is deleted?

No. It's in deleted items for a day or so, and then it is gone.

> 4. Are the advertisements targeted to keywords in
> 	each email?  If so, what is Microsoft's privacy policy?

I don't think the ads are targeted. Policy is here:

> 5. Who do you call with problems?  What is response time?  24/7
> support?

They do have a 24/7 support desk.

> 6. Assume spam/virus checking is included?

Yes, plus anti-phishing features.

> 7. Are certain attachments blocked?


> 8. How long can students keep the account once the
> 	graduate/drop out?

For as long as you like, although you are supposed to indicate that they
are no longer enrolled so that the ads get turned on.

> 9. How easy is it to get out of the service?  How do you
> 	get the (gigabytes?) of old mail if you bring the
> 	service back in house?

I don't know contract details. Individuals can use the desktop client or
Outlook (see below) to migrate back and forth. For mass migration, I
know that there are ways to migrate data back and forth. I spoke to one
school who migrated all 11K users into the service over a weekend. This
is something you would want to ask for specific support.

> 10. Is IMAP and POP supported?

IMAP no, POP yes. They also have a desktop client for offline access and
for access to other mail systems, as well as a connector for Outlook.
Which is one way to avoid ads altogether.

> 11. What happens when students leave for summer
> 	and their quotes become overdrawn?

I don't know what would happen on an over quota situation.

> 12. Are there FERPA issues?

None that I know of.

> 13. Do you have options for campus-wide email
> 	distribution lists (all students, all faculty, etc.)?


> 14. Is there Exchange-type options - shared calendars, task lists,
> 	for Outlook users?

Shared calendar is definitely there, but no task list that I am aware

> 15. Who does the RIAA, Secret Service, etc. contact if they
> 	have questions about emails being sent from a student's address?

If you follow the standard implementation procedure then you will have
your MX records pointing to Hotmail. So theoretically the subpoenas go
to the vendor. I honestly don't know if anyone has ever experienced that
in real life. It would be interesting to find out.

> 16. Finally, why choose the Microsoft solution over the Google
> solution?

I think that is something that each organization has to decide for
themselves, based on what they see as the best fit. Get more information


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