[unisog] Windows Live @ edu

Steve Worona sworona at educause.edu
Wed Jul 18 15:23:39 GMT 2007

See <http://www.educause.edu/live0712> for a 1-hour Webcast on the Google version as deployed at Northwestern. We're giving MS equal time, based on UPenn's implementation, on Sept. 19. Watch for announcement at <http://www.educause.edu/live>.
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At 10:52 AM -0400 7/18/07, Patrick McNeal wrote:
>I would check out the archives of the "Email Administration in Higher  Education" mailing list.  The topic of outsourcing mail has come up  in the past and there have been some very good conversations on it.  
>The archive can be found at:
>Though not specific to Live @ edu, an interesting thread on gmail can  be found at:

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