[unisog] A little Storm data

Mike Lococo mike.lococo at nyu.edu
Thu Jul 19 05:56:58 GMT 2007

> Can you run a reverse-dns report on the IP range, and then identify how 
> many of these IPs either don't have any reverse-dns or are apparantly on 
> regular consumer class dialup/DSL/cable modem connections?

Based on some rough traffic analysis I did on what I was seeing on my 
network, it's a mix.  There are a lot of non-resolving IP's, and a very 
large number of obviously dynamic or dial in addresses.  Some systems 
with static-y looking names as well, though.  The infection vectors are 
similar to other outbreaks we've seen, and so it makes sense that the 
infected population would look fairly normal.

I ran ~8 IP's through your block checker and it caught about half of them.

- Mike Lococo

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