[unisog] Barracuda effectiveness (vs Puremessage)

Lee Weers weersl at central.edu
Thu Jul 19 13:39:51 GMT 2007

My supervisor is unhappy with the amount of spam that is getting through
our Barracuda and has asked me to research Microsoft's Exchange Hosted
services product.  Has anybody tested or switch to Microsoft for their
antispam filtering?  How do you like it, how configurable to the user is
it?  How is the reporting? 

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Daniel Feenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> mcclenbw at oneonta.edu wrote:
> ...
>> The one issue I have seen with the PureMessage and some other SPAM 
>> units is that they default to using the 'free' lists that spamhaus 
>> and the rest provide.. and if you have a large enough email list you 
>> end up getting throttled by spamhaus (if the emails asking you to 
>> change your
> If you join Spamhaus they will let you use the 'free' lists at high 
> rates
> - you needn't switch to zone transfers unless that is what you prefer.

> Membership is not expensive.

Ah thanks. Was there anything interesting needed to get PureMessage (if
you use that) to not go to the default free one? [As you can probably
tell I am not the primary email adminstrator :), I just love statistics
so helped on that part.]

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