[unisog] University ResNet IP address Management

Fred Portnoy fportnoy at plymouth.edu
Tue Jul 24 12:33:00 GMT 2007

We have allocated a.b.c.0/23 blocks of public address space to our ResNet
VLANs in residence halls. Students are assigned addresses by DHCP at
connection time, and are required to authenticate and undergo a host
integrity check to be allowed full network access. We are currently
implementing Bradford (today is day two of the implementation team on-site);
we expect that once students are authenticated and approved by Bradford, and
are moved into one of the pre-existing ResNet VLANs, they will continue to
be assigned a DHCP address on the appropriate ResNet VLAN as they have been


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I am interested in how other Universities are managing (allocating) the IP
space in their residential halls?

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