[unisog] University ResNet IP address Management

Cal Frye cjf at calfrye.com
Wed Jul 25 14:42:22 GMT 2007

Jason Murray wrote:
> I am interested in how other Universities are managing (allocating)
> the IP space in their residential halls?
> 1) How are other people doing IP address management?
We're letting DHCP do the assignments.

> 2) How many people use Private IP space for their end users?
We're blessed with sufficient public addresses to meet our needs.

> 2a) If you do use NAT/PAT what types of problems are you running into if any?
> 3) Any other insight into IP address management?
If by management you mean logging userid to IP assignment, we let the
authentication portion of Clean Access / Cisco NAC handle that. I
believe Bradford will do as well. You don't have to manage the IP
address assignments so directly, except for inbound tunnels in your NAT,
if you permit that.

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