[unisog] SSH postponed public key....

Laurie Zirkle lat at cns.vt.edu
Wed Oct 3 12:35:04 GMT 2007

I have the same issue (which I haven't had time to do much with) and
all my permissions are correct.  Both of my machines are running
RHELv4.  But this hasn't happened all the time, I'd have to trace
back through my logs and try to correlate with patches.  I know for
a fact this didn't happen on my original RHELv4 incarnation of
these two machines.

>From the fingers of H. Morrow Long:
>    Russell -
>    I found a thread from 2004 which implies that this condition
>    typically happens when the SSH client machine's user has
>    a .ssh subdirectory (and/or files in it) which have the wrong
>    ownerships and/or permissions such that the public key*
>    ...


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