[unisog] SANS Interactive Video Conference Class - 12/18-19 - Cheap!

marchany at vt.edu marchany at vt.edu
Wed Oct 3 20:32:24 GMT 2007

Last July we conducted an experiment with SANS to host a SANS class using 
standard interactive video conferencing (IVC) tools that we all use for 
distance learning. The 1 day class was a success with 16 schools (~252 
students total) connecting to our site for the class.

While we're on a roll, we'll be hosting a 2 day SANS IVC training event from 
VA Tech on 12/18-19/2007. This is a SEPARATE event from the SANS training 
class we do in March of every year.  You just need to use one of your IVC 
classrooms to connect to us in order for you to "attend".

 The classes will be:

SEC 550 - Power Search with Google (formerly Google Hacking)

SEC 551 - First Responder - Windows

SEC 552 - First Responder - Unix

The cost for each class is $225.00/person. All 3 classes = $675/person.

If your site is interested, contact Daryl Gilbertson (dgilbertson at sans.org) 

For information on connecting to our site, see http://www.vbs.vt.edu. 
Basically, your site has to support H323/h239 protocols. If you have any 
questions, let me know.

	-Randy Marchany
	VA Tech IT Security Office & Lab

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