[unisog] Defending Administrative Rights policy

Mike Honeycutt honeycutt at unca.edu
Thu Oct 4 20:06:04 GMT 2007

This is a classic pros and cons list
in my mind.

IT works for the university and needs
to help determine the needs on each campus.
This is tricky since faculty and staff
are hired to do a job and IT doesn't want
to appear to be an obstruction in the mission
of the university.

We all have IT horror stories to justify
locking down machines, but I can't imagine telling 
a Computer Science or Engineering department 
(or Provost, President, etc.) what would and
wouldn't be on the department's PCs.

I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all-campuses
solution but it is fascinating to hear how
schools are approaching this issue.

Mike Honeycutt
UNC Asheville

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Davis,William wrote:
> I am defending our security policy that limits Administrative Rights 
> to IT staff only and am looking for statistics and comments from other peer universities on this policy.
> If anyone would be willing to share any information with me I would be very grateful.
> I am most interested in knowing:
> 1. Do you permit or deny Administrative Rights to general faculty/staff?
> 2. What constitutes and exception to this policy?
> 3. What infections/incidents, or lack thereof, have you experienced?
> 4. If a security incident occurred, what was the cost as a result?
> 5. If you permit Admin Rights, what additional security measures did you put in place or depend on?
> 6. What strategies do you use to enforce a "deny admin rights" policy for higher level administrative positions?

I'm intrigued by this discussion because it's something I'm under a lot of pressure about. A large number of people here *need*
admin rights so that they can

a) format floppy disks (I kid you not!)
b) install printer drivers for the random cheap printer they've just bought
c) install random bits of software

We also have laptop users who *need* admin rights so they can do any of the above when on the road.

I'm curious as to how the sites which don't give out admin rights at all deal with these issues? Are your admins running around
installing printer drivers etc? Are you making work for yourselves??



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