[unisog] Any GigaVUE 420 opinions?

Bryan Zimmer bzimmer at ucsc.edu
Fri Aug 15 16:55:52 GMT 2008

I used their 1 gig product at a previous company and liked them. My  
only complaint is that you can't dump the config as a text file like  
you would with a Cisco (or other) network device. Instead you need to  
run a bunch of show commands to get the current status of the system,  
then translate the output into the commands that actually configure  
the system. Very annoying. If you open a ticket and ask nicely their  
support team will help translate the output.

On Aug 14, 2008, at 9:00 PM, Frank Bulk - iNAME wrote:

> I saw this company's booth at INTEROP and was very impressed by the
> technology.  If it works, and I presume it does, then it can make  
> life lots
> easier.
> Frank
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>        Is anyone using a GigaVUE-420 (http://www.gigamon.com/) at 10  
> gigs?
> I have an application where I'd like to aggregate 3 FDX gig  
> connections in
> to
> a 10 gig monitor box and this device looks to be able to do that (at  
> least
> on the current hardware: the overhead projector of the vendor :-)).  
> I'd
> appreciate comments / problems / sharp edges to watch for /  
> experiences from
> anyone using one at any speed (but especially at 10 gigs).  
> Experiences with
> driving the box from passive optical taps would also be of interest  
> (what me
> paranoid, nah :-)). It looks like it should work (certainly at gig  
> and above
> where HDX isn't an option) but I have been bitten before most  
> notably by
> early
> SysKonnect fibre gig cards which do default to HDX and disaster on a  
> tap
> without education in the form of a manual FDX option on the  
> driver :-)). If
> you reply to me I'll summarize back to the list in a week or so if I  
> get any
> replies.
> Peter Van Epp / Operations and Technical Support
> Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Canada
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