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Your best option is probably to ask your local FBI field office if they are 
interested in looking into the matter.  They can provide you with guidance. 
Here's a link to the contact info for the Boise FBI area - 

Brad Judy

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> One of our Housing office computer techs sent me the following
> question and I'd like to know what members of this list think.  Has
> anyone bumped into this and what did you do?  I've forwarded the
> question to legal as well.
> A student brought his computer to the Student Housing computer support
> people for repairs.  The computer wouldn't boot and the student told
> the Housing technicians they could format the drive if they needed to.
> The technician managed to boot the computer from its existing
> configuration.  On the computer, the technician found many pictures of
> jet airplanes, interior and exterior pictures of Boise skyscrapers,
> pictures of the presidents planes, videos of planes crashing, pictures
> of airports, pictures of the walkways from the airport, a connection
> to American airlines flights.
> What are our responsibilities for handling this information?  Can we
> present it to law enforcement or would we be violating the 4th
> amendment?
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