[unisog] DNS Manager?

Petersen, Kirsten J - NET Kirsten.Petersen at oregonstate.edu
Fri Feb 1 17:04:50 GMT 2008

We wrote our own manager, an open-source tool called Maintain.  Maintain
allows us to easily delegate management of DNS and DHCP to the various
IT groups across campus.  We also use it to allow users to register on
our wireless network.  


We're currently working on having it write Bind data files directly
(previously it wrote tinydns files, and we used axfr to get the data to
our production Bind servers).  The Bind builds should be ready very
soon.  We will also be adding support for split public/private DNS


The software is open-source and free for your use.  I would love to get
more folks using it and filing bug reports.  : )




It's nice to hear what other folks are using as well.  I have eval'd
Proteus/Adonis from Bluecat, which looked pretty slick.  It has very
nice integration between DNS and IP information, and it provides three
views: DNS, IP, or Mac.  Maintain is very host-centric, which works for
us but may not work for everyone.  The permissions in Proteus were very
granular, but almost too granular for us.  We needed an easy way to
group domains and IP ranges to grant departments access to them.  Also,
the database is a black box, although they do provide an api.  Still,
Maintain gives us the flexibility to do whatever we need, and that has
been handy.  

Kirsten Petersen
Network Services * Oregon State University
http://oregonstate.edu/net * irc.oregonstate.edu #osu-is
"Four legs good, two legs bad." -George Orwell


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Just wondering what everyone is using for a dns manager.  We currently
just use flat files and bind.  Update the 
file, restart bind, rsync to the other master, and restart.  We're
currently looking at writing something that stores the
info in a database then writes out the files as needed, but were
wondering if anyone has a better way of doing it.


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