[unisog] DNS Manager?

Michael Kaegler Michael.Kaegler at MARIST.EDU
Fri Feb 1 16:23:46 GMT 2008

BIND works great for us. Internally we use dynamic DNS. The interface 
to add/remove entries is easy to learn, and ISC DHCPd writes dynamic 
DNS, which keeps all our end-user addresses up to date.

Externally we modify the flatfiles.

In both cases, we use BINDs internal AXFR to keep master and slave 
servers in sync (no rsync, no outages/dropped requests). When we 
update a flatfile on the external server, we use rndc (also a part if 
BIND by default) to reload that single zone without any outages or 
dropped requests ("rndc reload marist.edu").

At 9:43 AM -0500 2/1/08, Shawn L wrote:
>Just wondering what everyone is using for a dns manager.  We 
>currently just use flat files and bind.  Update the
>file, restart bind, rsync to the other master, and restart.  We're 
>currently looking at writing something that stores the
>info in a database then writes out the files as needed, but were 
>wondering if anyone has a better way of doing it.
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