[unisog] Forensic Survey, help needed for a research/training program

Mike Haberman mikeh at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Feb 11 17:04:17 GMT 2008

   Thanks to those who have responded to the request for help.  It would
   be great if I could get about 5 more volunteers :)

   The survey takes about 20 - 30 minutes.  I will post the results
   once we are done with all the tabulation.

   Again, thanks I realize how busy everyone is.  You will be part of 
   an important research/training program we are designing.


============================ Org. Message ============================
Hello Security Expert,

   I am a network/security researcher at NCSA/UIUC.  I am requesting your 
   help to answer a list of 24 security/forensic related questions.  The
   survey is part of a research and training program that we are hosting.
   If you are interested in knowing the results, I will set up a web page 
   with the tabulated answers (anonymously).

   Please email the completed form back to me: mikeh at ncsa.edu
   Thanks again; I appreciate the time you are taking to help me out.

   mike haberman
   mikeh at ncsa.edu

   For most questions, try to provide at least 3 different answers (list/rank 
   the answers in order of importance).

   If an answer involves using a tool to obtain the necessary information,
   be as specific as possible.  If the tool used is a private/internal tool, 
   please mention that as well.  If the answer requires a complete tool chain, 
   just list the tools required.

   For questions that don't specify a specific platform, be sure to list
   what platform (Windows XP, Linux, etc) the answer applies to.

   You can respond to this email with your answers in line, or send me back 
   just the answers (with a reference to the question number).  If you
   want to remain completely anonymous, you can spoof the from address 
   or use old fashioned mail:  
   NCSA/mike haberman
   1205 W. Clark St.
   Room 1008
   Urbana, IL 61801

                         Forensic Survey

   A.  What OS are you most knowledgeable about?

   B.  Do you consider yourself to be more knowledgeable in host based
   forensics or network based forensics?

   C.  How many years of experience to you have with respect to computer

Host based forensic questions
Question #1
When on a system that you are trying to seize evidence from, what are the 
most important things you should AVOID doing?  List in order of importance.

Question #2
What are the most important items to capture before isolating or shutting
down a suspected host?  For each item list the command you would use along
with the information for both a Unix based machine and a Windows based machine.

Question #3
A hacker installs a piece software on a Linux based machine.  What does he
do to prevent its detection?  For each technique listed, what could you do 
to reveal the hacker's ploy.

Question #4
A machine has just been 0wned, what generally is the hackers' first order 
of business?

Question #5
During an investigation, a file named destr0yAll is found.  What tools
would you use to reverse engineer the functionality of the program/binary?
(Assume a Unix based analysis environment).

Question #6
Where can you find hidden data?

Question #7
Name the most important sources of logs for identification of an event at
the host perimeter (when data leaves/enters a host)?

Question #8
Give a reason why you would want to literally pull the plug of a infected
system rather than shutting it down or disconnecting it from the network?

Question #9
Perpetrator is caught; laptop apprehended. But he's not talking. Where
do we gather information to determine what he was using his laptop for.

Network Based Questions
Question #10
Name the most important sources of logs for identification of an event at
the network perimeter?

Question #11
You're given a log of network traffic.  What are the issues surrounding the 
contents of the file?

Question #12
What evidence might there be of a compromised DHCP server?

Question #13
During an investigation, you find out that a firewall was unable to 
stop a hacker.  What are the most likely causes of this?

Multi Layer Questions

Question #14
A hacker connects to the Internet from his home, what techniques can he use
to obscure the computer he uses?

Question #15
Given a log file for an incident, what can you look for to determine
if the log file itself has been tampered with?

Question #16
You need to figure out who has logged into a host.  Name all
the possible sources that could be used to determine when and who
has logged into a particular system.

Question #17
What evidence will there be of an IRC bot running on a Windows 2000 box?

Question #18
An employee notices that when his browser is pointed at google.com, 
whitehouse.com is served up.  What are the possible causes of this problem?  
For each cause, what information source would you need to verify?

Question #19
You need to access data that might provide evidence for suspicious 
Internet activity.   Name a few sources that might get you this information.

Question #20
You received an "anonymous tip" through an email.  What sources do you use to
figure out who the actual author of the email is.

Miscellaneous Questions
Question #21
Name several sources for finding recently vulnerable (zero day) software 

Question #22
What are the biggest problem(s) you have encountered when working 
with outside law enforcement (local police, fbi, ) on an incident?

Question #23
----------- is involved with attempting to brute force it's way into
the victim's network.   What tools/processes can you use to determine
who to talk to.

Question #24
During an investigation, you use whois to determine the owner of an address 
(or block of addresses), what are the potential problems with the
information returned from whois?

For the following questions, just provide a single answer.

  1. How can one mark digital data such that a single bit flip would
flag the data as tampered with.

  2. Name me your favorite Unix text processing tool.

  3. What is the single most important rule of digital forensics?

  4. During an investigation of a computer running Windows 2000, what are the
most important types of information you can acquire from examining the Registry?

  5. Name me an important log file on a client running Windows XP

  6. Which movie makes the biggest mockery of digital forensic investigation?

  7. Who is your favorite TV based police/fbi/crime fighter (not a superhero) ?

  8. Name a technique to gain illicit access to a system.
  9.  Name a technique to illicitly escalate privileges on a system.  

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