[unisog] Joining REN-ISAC hurdle

David Lundy dlundy at pacific.edu
Tue Feb 12 22:01:39 GMT 2008


You wrote in part in reply to Tim Lane with the subject: Blacklisted by
BTW have you considered joining ren-isac -- www.ren-isac.net.  It's  
really good value and funded by US DHS.  Almost entirely US sites  
(nearly all the big names are there).  Membership is personal, not  
institutional.  You must be full time security responsibility at an  
academic institution.  You need two current members to vouch that you  
satisfy conditions.

I have been actively interested in joining REN-ISAC for a couple of
years and have had some correspondence about it.  Unfortunately the two
person vouch requirement has so far been an impossible hurdle.  I don't
know one who could vouch.  I have been full-time in IT Security at a
private university (three campuses) for several years.  I am quite
active in my local ISSA chapter.  But I do not know any REN-ISAC members
there or in my circle of friends.  I planned to go to Educause Security
last year but was unable to attend because of illness.  I understand a
second class membership is being considered.  But for now REN-ISAC
membership seems out of the question despite being otherwise qualified.
I am in fact the person that gets occasional rem-isac notices of
security issues from our campus and those are appreciated.  Emails that
encourage membership are frustrating to me.


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