[unisog] Joining REN-ISAC hurdle

David Matusiak matusiak at uidaho.edu
Tue Feb 12 22:23:28 GMT 2008

I can second Dave Lundy's frustration.  I have a REN-ISAC member sitting 10
feet from me, yet I cannot obtain membership because he is not my direct
supervisor.  Now we are working on jumping through the hoops to find another
REN-ISAC member to vouch for me.

I fully understand why they want their community vetted so well, and I also
recognize the high level of value they provide to computer security workers
in the EDU realm, but it can be frustrating when you would like to
join/participate/benefit.  Best of luck to you, Dave!  Hope we make it to
"the other side" in 2008.

David M.

On 2/12/08 2:01 PM, "David Lundy" <dlundy at pacific.edu> wrote:

> Russell:
> You wrote in part in reply to Tim Lane with the subject: Blacklisted by
> Hotmail:
> [snip]
> BTW have you considered joining ren-isac -- www.ren-isac.net.  It's
> really good value and funded by US DHS.  Almost entirely US sites
> (nearly all the big names are there).  Membership is personal, not
> institutional.  You must be full time security responsibility at an
> academic institution.  You need two current members to vouch that you
> satisfy conditions.
> [snip]
> I have been actively interested in joining REN-ISAC for a couple of
> years and have had some correspondence about it.  Unfortunately the two
> person vouch requirement has so far been an impossible hurdle.  I don't
> know one who could vouch.  I have been full-time in IT Security at a
> private university (three campuses) for several years.  I am quite
> active in my local ISSA chapter.  But I do not know any REN-ISAC members
> there or in my circle of friends.  I planned to go to Educause Security
> last year but was unable to attend because of illness.  I understand a
> second class membership is being considered.  But for now REN-ISAC
> membership seems out of the question despite being otherwise qualified.
> I am in fact the person that gets occasional rem-isac notices of
> security issues from our campus and those are appreciated.  Emails that
> encourage membership are frustrating to me.
> Dave
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