[unisog] Joining REN-ISAC hurdle

Cal Frye cjf at calfrye.com
Tue Feb 12 23:03:12 GMT 2008

David Lundy wrote:
> I have been actively interested in joining REN-ISAC for a couple of
> years and have had some correspondence about it.  Unfortunately the two
> person vouch requirement has so far been an impossible hurdle.  I don't
> know one who could vouch.  I have been full-time in IT Security at a
> private university (three campuses) for several years.  I am quite
> active in my local ISSA chapter.  But I do not know any REN-ISAC members
> there or in my circle of friends.  I planned to go to Educause Security
> last year but was unable to attend because of illness.  I understand a
> second class membership is being considered.  But for now REN-ISAC
> membership seems out of the question despite being otherwise qualified.
> I am in fact the person that gets occasional rem-isac notices of
> security issues from our campus and those are appreciated.  Emails that
> encourage membership are frustrating to me.

David and David,
The REN-ISAC membership grows, albeit slowly. Please try again; for it's 
always possible that those who could vouch for your membership may have 
just become members themselves. Look to your local security groups or 
other opportunities with nearby campuses to become known to colleagues 
who may be able to vouch for your membership. The UC system is fairly 
well represented, if I recall correctly, Idaho may be less so, I'm 
afraid. I agree it can be frustrating, but it's not that folks are 
penalized or being rejected, merely that they failed to be admitted in 
previous attempts. It's difficult to build a trusted community otherwise.

-- Cal Frye, Network Administrator, Oberlin College

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