[unisog] Joining REN-ISAC hurdle

Doug Pearson dodpears at indiana.edu
Wed Feb 13 19:42:35 GMT 2008

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> Is it possible that REN-ISAC could look at doing background checks (with
> the applicant paying for it) instead of the 2 vouching members. I know
> my organization has 1 REN-ISAC person and but I think the next one is
> over 6 hours driving away which does not really build up a relationship
> that I would count as 'strong' relationship. This doesn't relate much to
> me as I am not 100% security aligned so wouldn't qualify anyway...
> however, the actual security organization is growing and the other
> people will need to be able to join so that our 1 guy can take a vacation.

Stephen and all,

To address the difficulty of building a community that has broad reach 
and strong trust, we're near to implementation of a tiered membership 
model. "General" and "X(tra)Sec" tiers will have different levels of 
member vetting and corresponding different levels engagement in 
sensitive information sharing. The General tier will give individuals a 
chance to engage with the community, become known and trusted, and a 
path to XSec.

The above explanation is intentionally somewhat vague. Clearer 
description should be coming out soon. It won't be implemented in a 
couple of weeks, but shouldn't take a couple months either. I'll share 
the target date as soon as it's set. My apologies for the long, 
drawn-out process, and thanks for the patience of those who've been 
waiting on the new model.

And, thanks to folks on this mail list for the good explanations of the 
reasons and current paths.


Doug Pearson
Technical Director, REN-ISAC
24x7 Watch Desk +1(317)278-6630

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