[unisog] DNS Manager?

Jon Mitchiner jon.mitchiner at gallaudet.edu
Thu Feb 21 18:42:13 GMT 2008

I have been meaning to chime in on this.  I developed a web page tool that
handled DNS, DHCP, and Firewall rules from the web about 5 years ago.  It
was easy to add/modify records for any computer, including firewall rule
changes.  The cool thing about this was people who didn't have access to
modify the firewall could see what policies were in place so they'd know if
something was not set up correctly (e.g. if port 80 wasn't open).

Unfortunately, we've since changed Firewall vendors, the firewall part of
the script broke, and it has never been updated since then.

Are there any tools out there that handle DNS/DHCP, and Firewall entries
with one application?


On 2/20/08, Richard Westlake <r.westlake at mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk> wrote:
> Shawn
> Hi
> I have been catching up on my email backlog and found your post.
> If you are considering a new "DNS Manager" system then you might want to
> have a look at Thomas Limoncelli's  "HostDB: The Best Damn host2DNS/DHCP
> Script Ever Written". I haven't used it yet but given the authors
> reputation I will be a good look at it when we upgrade out DNS system.
> The Original LISA 2005 Conference can be found here
> http://www.usenix.org/event/lisa05/tech/limoncelli.html
> and the software can be downloaded from
> http://everythingsysadmin.com/hostdb/
> all the best
> Richard Westlake
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