[unisog] Campus Security Warning Systems?

McNabb, Jim jmcnabb at truman.edu
Sat Feb 23 02:58:25 GMT 2008

With the recent campus shootings our site is very interested in
investigating all possible options for communicating with users quickly.

We have a Banner driven cell phone text messaging system in place, but
not all students have cell phones and sign up is voluntary (although
many students have signed up).

What emergency communication systems are in place in other sites?  What
works?  What doesn't?  

Does anyone use a network based notification system?  If so, how to you
handle non-university computer systems, I.E. student PCs that are not a
member of your AD domain (and that you don't have admin rights on

Thank you.

     Jim M

Jim McNabb, Network Manager
Truman State University / SunGard Higher Education
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