[unisog] good/cheap usb drives with encryption

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Thu Jul 10 14:55:15 GMT 2008

> If these will owned by the university / dept you might wanna look into
> something that can be centrally managed, with central key recovery
> possibility in case you are required to produce evidence from these
> encrypted devices in a legal matter or  eDiscovery.

If they're owned by end-users, they shouldn't be used to store corporate 

Interestingly though, in the case of TrueCrypt and the concept of 
plausible denial .. what's to stop a legal adversary from saying "you 
must have the documents I need on that encrypted drive, it's gotta be in 
a hidden volume".

You can't prove you don't .. they can't prove you do.

What then? (IANAL, etc.)


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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