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We have also been using Packetshaper for many years and did the same
cost analysis as you - way back then.  I can't speak for Netequalizer
but we have been very pleased with the performance and benefits of the
Packeteer/Bluecoat product.

As to the fine tuning I would offer that :

If this is your 1st experience with an add on appliances - you will be
initially almost overwhelmed with the learning curve and "fine tuning"
or tweaking of the box.

If you have some significant experience with add on appliances and know
what you want the box to do for you - it could be a "set it and forget
it" type of installation.

I have found, however, that even with lots of experience in this type of
product usage - I do spend lots of time with the box which is more of a
"choice" than a "necessity".

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At 16:39 -0500 7/15/2008, Kaminski, Eryk G. wrote:
>I will need to procure a traffic shaper soon. I have it narrowed down
>Packeteer and NetEqulizer. Besides the large difference in pricing,
>anyone have any pro/cons for either device? I have heard Packeteer
>requires frequent fine tuning.

I have no experience with NetEqualizer, but we've used a Packeteer
PacketShaper here for many years.  I wouldn't say that frequent fine
has been necessary, but that will vary with how you set it up, like any
product.  Certainly some amount of regular monitoring is necessary,
especially when looking for new classifications and the like, but for
most part it's pretty trouble-free for us.



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