[unisog] Traffic Shapers

Simon Kissler Simon.Kissler at valpo.edu
Fri Jul 18 06:08:22 GMT 2008


this is a very well written summary and quite useful. I will note one thing:
While your packetshaper description is accurate for one way of implementing
the packet shaper, it can also be implemented as a pure rule/policy based
shaping engine, rather than assigning traffic to partitions. In our
philosophy of simply guaranteeing good service to certain traffic types
while the others may gladly take up any available overhead, this has worked
very well. I am surprised to find that few seem to implement their
packetshaper this way, as it has been very flexible and useful to us (that
said, we are not out to provide equal bandwidth to every customer, but
rather prefer certain applications to others in a multi-dimensional

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