[unisog] RT-IR experiences

John Ladwig jladwig at mango.lioness.net
Tue Jul 22 02:19:29 GMT 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 02:12:47PM -0400, Melissa Muth wrote:
> We're considering deploying RT-IR for tracking incidents. If you are  
> using it, we'd appreciate hearing about your experiences.
> Based on a survey conducted by H. Morrow Long about 2 years ago, 28%  
> of respondents were using RT, and 10% were using RT-IR. Since RT-IR  
> was enhanced significantly around that time, I wonder if anyone has  
> migrated to it in the past two years.

I'd also be interested to know whether anyone is sharing an RT-IR
server implementation with a more general-purpose RT instance. 

Last I looked at it, ca 2k%, it was kind of a snarled up mess to keep
everything managed and current.  Might be worth taking another look
at, though.  I'd be obliged to hear of others results with a
subpopulation using RT-IR on the same server as general-purpose RT. 


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