[unisog] When you really need to blast email

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Mar 11 18:02:25 GMT 2008

Our safety folks are working a campus-wide "emergency notice" system, 
where one option will be email (the logic behind that is outside the 
scope of this technical question).

Yahoo (and others) like to rate-limit email, and we've tried to no avail 
to remedy this .. usually we get a "421 try again later" (Yahoo). For 
things like our campus mail digest or notices of a snow day, a 15 minute 
delay isn't a problem. For something more serious like "stay inside and 
away from the window", it is.

My first thought was was to configure a box with multiple virtual IPs 
(possibly on different subnets) and blast them out in parallel with 
hopes of staying underneath the "radar" .. by doing multipath routing 
with Neftilter, for example (since I apparently can't do this with 
sendmail directly).

Is there a better approach than this brute-force hack?


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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