[unisog] When you really need to blast email

Jason LaMar jrlamar at owu.edu
Tue Mar 11 18:53:49 GMT 2008


If your safety folks aren't already aware of it, I would strongly encourage
you/them to take a look at outsourcing campus-wide emergency notification to
a third party that specializes in that business. We went with Connect-ED
from The NTI Group ...


... and have successfully done two test notifications in the last four
months, but (of course) there are other providers, too -- such as e2Campus.


As Jim pointed out, e-mail is a dicey "real-time" medium for most people. So
taking a multi-pronged approach like Connect-ED does -- with parallel
delivery methods including mobile phone and land-line calls, SMS text
messaging, as well as broadcast e-mails -- is the only feasible strategy to
ensure optimal message coverage and penetration. Also, these businesses have
the benefit of pre-existing contracts with various telecommunications
companies to prioritize/whitelist their burst traffic.

Obviously, there's an annual service fee (typically on a per-user basis,
based on your FTE student enrollment) associated with all this. But in my
mind, it's worth the price to hand off some tricky logistical and technical
challenges while mitigating institutional liability.



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