[unisog] When you really need to blast email

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Tue Mar 11 18:53:10 GMT 2008

> I would argue that logic of selecting e-mail as a technology for
> dispatching emergency notices is indeed within the scope of the
> technical question.  

I agree .. but this is a case of "we bought $x, it does $y, now make it 
work". We've all had our share of those, I'm sure :)

> Selecting an appropriate technology for a given
> problem is always important, and I'm fairly certain that Internet e-mail
> is not a great selection for dispatching emergency notifications.  

Email is one of three options (the others being Voice and SMS). I can 
almost gaurentee that email will be the default for students that don't 
select one of the others, and most probably won't bother unless we force 
them to do so before registering, etc. on-line. Every student has a 
@csuohio.edu address, and they forward them to their "mail" personal 
address if they don't want to check our webmail (and most don't). 
There's several thousand of them forwarded to Yahoo at the moment.

> Would you happen to have tried contacting anyone at Yahoo 

Yes .. and after several back-and-forths with their Postmaster forms, we 
got this :

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

We cannot systematically exempt your mailings from our SpamGuard 
technology since the IP address of the server appears to be a shared 
domain mail host and have multiple clients sending email.  We will 
maintain the current information in our database as it is configured.  
This allows delivery of your mailings to oscillate between the Inbox and


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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