[unisog] When you really need to blast email

Buhrmaster, Gary gtb at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Mar 11 20:47:24 GMT 2008

> .. Safety plans need to deal with the fact that 95%
> of the people will not know about a problem in a critical 
> timeframe

The usual approach is to not depend on the technology
working everywhere/reliably/quickly, but depend on
word of mouth to get a message out.  If only 5% get
the email/SMS/whatever, they are likely tell everyone
else.  The effective coverage is now a much higher number,
although clearly some delays will occur, and rumors,
conjectures, or fantasies will of course dilute/confuse
the information transferred.

Technology people tend to want that 100% coverage,
while experienced safety people know that just won't
happen, and one will have to deal with less than
perfection.  One can/should try to do a good job,
but one needs to accept that one may not always succeed.


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