[unisog] When you really need to blast email

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Wed Mar 12 13:26:18 GMT 2008

> In those cases, I usually sit back in my chair, laugh at them and remind
> them that doing silly things without getting a technical review could be
> seen as taxpayer waste, fraud, and abuse.. 

I didn't mean for this thread to turn into a discussion about the 
futility of the whole concept.

> In the long run, any of these services (Voice, SMS, paging, email) are
> going to be spotty. It takes a while for paging services to get out even
> 1000 pages. Trying to get out 10,000 can take an hour for some places..

.. funny thing there is various wireless providers lease space on a 
light tower over our athletic field, right on campus (we're downtown) .. 
thus virtually ensuring cell loading problems in such a situation.

> One item I have heard being used to make up for this is using tornado
> sirens as a backup..

One nice thing we *can* do already is use the fire alarm system to speak 
into buildings. The police dept. has a console that lets them do that 
centrally. We're also a PSAP and can answer our own 911 calls (911 from 
a campus phone goes to our own police department, not the county).

A Victory Siren on top of Rhodes Tower is a fun idea though :)


Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

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