[unisog] A couple network questions

Karyn Stump karyn at calarts.edu
Wed Mar 12 19:43:58 GMT 2008

1. <150
2. 32
3. <250 actual
4. Management

We are a small college.

At 02:45 PM 3/11/08 -0700, Brian Friday wrote:
>Hi All,
>We have a unnamed vendor making some unique claims and I wanted to get  
>your input or thoughts since their claims were rather broad.
>1) On average how many lines do you use for the security policies on  
>your routers/switches? In the event you would rather not say an exact  
>number is it greater than 150 or less than 150 lines?
>2) How many vlans do you have on your network?
>3) How many nodes do you have per vlan?
>4) Is the limit you have on nodes a vendor limitation or a limitation  
>you have put in place for management reasons?
>Many thanks I will post a summary to the list two days from now.
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