[unisog] A couple network questions

Stephen Backholm Stephen.Backholm at wwu.edu
Thu Mar 13 19:35:25 GMT 2008

1. ~1300 @ perimeter, ~10 @ distribution layer, ~1500 for high security
2. ~200 
3. up to a \22 subnet
4. not a vendor limit

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Hi All,

We have a unnamed vendor making some unique claims and I wanted to get  
your input or thoughts since their claims were rather broad.

1) On average how many lines do you use for the security policies on  
your routers/switches? In the event you would rather not say an exact  
number is it greater than 150 or less than 150 lines?

2) How many vlans do you have on your network?

3) How many nodes do you have per vlan?

4) Is the limit you have on nodes a vendor limitation or a limitation  
you have put in place for management reasons?

Many thanks I will post a summary to the list two days from now.

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