[unisog] A couple network questions

Clark Gaylord cgaylord at vt.edu
Thu Mar 13 22:05:26 GMT 2008

Brian Friday wrote:
> 1) On average how many lines do you use for the security policies on  
> your routers/switches? In the event you would rather not say an exact  
> number is it greater than 150 or less than 150 lines?


> 2) How many vlans do you have on your network?


> 3) How many nodes do you have per vlan?

Most are /22 but varies from /29 to /20. We do *no* cross-backbone 
trunking of VLANs.

> 4) Is the limit you have on nodes a vendor limitation or a limitation  
> you have put in place for management reasons?

Huh? Large Ethernet broadcast domains are just stupid. :-)

Seriously, if we could pull it off, we would have one end station per 
broadcast domain (yes we could make that work). So I'll say "management" 
reasons, but really it is vendor limitation, not because they can't 
handle bigger but because they haven't been listening to our ideas of 
how to make it smaller.


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