[unisog] A couple network questions

Jens Haeusser jens.haeusser at ubc.ca
Wed Mar 19 07:09:18 GMT 2008

Since UBC is likely an outlier, with much of our network automatically
provisioned through our network database but managed by hundreds of
departmental network admins through a home-built web app, I thought I'd add
our late answers.

1) On average how many lines do you use for the security policies on your

Well over 150 (few on our core routers and edge switches, thousands on
distribution and border routers)

2) How many vlans do you have on your network?

Over 2,500. None are bridged across the core.
3) How many nodes do you have per vlan?

We encourage /24s to limit the size of broadcast domains, but have the odd
(well justified) /23, and some /22s to simplify wireless roaming.

4) Is the limit you have on nodes a vendor limitation or a limitation you
have put in place for management reasons?

Management- it's simply not good practice to have larger broadcast domains.

Jens Haeusser
Director, Strategy
Information Technology, UBC

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