[unisog] Summary - A Couple of Network Questions

Brian Friday bfriday at lasierra.edu
Fri Mar 28 18:03:06 GMT 2008

Hi All,

I have tried to make this as anonymous as possible due to a number of  
requests. I very much appreciate those of you who were willing to  
contribute it has been extremely helpful. We had 21 responders to the  
questions posed and here is the breakdown.

1) Amount of lines used for security policies on routers and switches

	Greater than 150 - 7 responses indicating greater or equal to 150
	Less than 150 - 14 responses indicating less than 150

2) Amount of Vlans on your network

	Varied but was as low as 20 and as high as 2500. There was a heavy  
leaning towards the 1 vlan per device class/building model.

3) Nodes per Vlan
	Varied largely due to how vlans were deployed but the largest  
consisted of a 2000 nodes

4) Limit is based on Vendor or Management

	The overwhelming majority (19 of 21) responded that the limit or lack  
of limits they imposed where based on management and security issues,  
rather than any vendor limits. The most commonly submitted answer for  
the limit was to reduce the size of broadcast domains.

Again thanks to all those who responded your help is very much  

Brian Friday
Manager, La Sierra University's IT: Infrastructure Department
Tel: (951) 785-2900 / Fax: (951) 785-2908
Riverside, CA 92515
Email: bfriday at lasierra.edu

Infrastructure: It is the telephone on your desk, the wires in your  
walls, the email you check daily, and the network that ties it all  

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